The BES Geosciences group (GEO) discovers the molecular mechanisms of the coupled chemical and mechanical transformations that evolve the properties of rock-fluid systems in the Earth’s crust and constructs new experimental, theoretical, and computational tools to address current and future energy and water needs. With a focus on the formation and use of sedimentary subsurface formations, this team is combining advanced X-ray, electron, quantum and isotope experimental approaches to elucidate the chemical properties of reactive, nanoconfined mineral-water interfaces, using multiscale atomistic modeling augmented by machine-learning to establish the controls on spatiotemporal dynamics, integrating robust thermodynamic models with chemical kinetics rate laws for predictive modeling, and developing novel codes that fully couple molecular transport, mineral mechanics and ion and fluid transport.

Benjamin Gilbert Jill Banfield Abdullah Cihan Donald DePaolo Mengsu Hu Harry Lisabeth Seiji Nakagawa Carl Steefel Daniel Stolper Christophe Tournassat Donald Vasco Michael Whittaker Yuxin Wu Piotr Zarzycki

Recent Publications