Completing preparations for adiabatic cooling, Low Temperature Lab, chemist Dave Shirley, left, aligns counters, while graduate student Dick Frankel fills dewar with liquid nitrogen

Our mission is to understand the fundamental chemical processes relevant to generating, handling, and storing energy, and mitigating their environmental impacts.

Photo-electrochemical Cell

In CSD, scientists collaborate across a number of core programs and centers to conduct fundamental research on electronic, nuclear, mechanical, and transport processes over multiple time and length scales.

Leticia Arnedo -Sanchez (from left), Katherine Shield, Korey Carter, Jennifer Wacker wearing respirators at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

People are our most valuable resource. Collaboration and partnerships are critical to the work we do. CSD scientists work closely with our colleagues in the Scientific User Facilities, most notably the ALS and the Molecular Foundry, and with partners from academia and industry. We employ and mentor postdoctoral research fellows and postgraduate students in all of our programs. We also host and train visiting researchers and undergraduate students through internship programs and other opportunities.