Computer-generated visualization of layers of graphene, water, and airThe Condensed Phase and Interfacial Molecular Science (CPIMS) program seeks to expand the fundamental science base that underlies current and future problems in energy sciences, which include both energy production and its environmental impacts. The program is not focused on device-level technologies but rather basic science, with the expectation that any new technological advances are enabled by the long term commitment to uncovering the fundamental principles that control transformations in heterogeneous systems, in particular, those in aqueous solutions.
The program supports the Department of Energy’s Basic Energy Sciences mission to “better assess, mitigate and control the efficiency, utilization, and environmental impacts of energy use by providing the molecular basis for understanding chemical, physical, and electron-driven processes in aqueous media and at interfaces.”

Kevin Wilson Musahid Ahmed Monika Blum Ethan Crumlin Teresa Head-Gordon David Limmer Kranthi Kiran Mandadapu Richard Saykally

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